2010 - Split Tremor - Ancestral Metal

by Corubo and Tremor (COL)

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In this split contains a DEMO from Tremor - "The End of Sorrow" (2009); and a EP from Corubo - "Guarani Oporonhenói Gueteri" (2009).

Tremor's lineup:
César Franco: Vocals, Bass
Diego Avila: Drums
Cesar Avila: Guitars
William Rubio: Guitars

Corubo's lineup:
Cauã and Tesa'ãme: All instruments


released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Corubo Minas De Corrales, Uruguay

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Track Name: Pakal
I lived in the great past
With rage I formed my own throne
Sacrificing the enemies blood
Dreaming to build a majestic empire

I have been expecting for centuries
Grateful memories I have written
My hordes are growing
The horns are rising
The stars are witness of my kingdom's grow

I sight my hatred on time
I'm bless by universal force
I came from the great mystery
I came from the earth's core

My legion are thirsty of betrayer's blood
I came to take them!!! I came to kill them!!!
I came to make a nature's restore
With the sight of Mars and universe power

Pelanque shall singing my name
Till the end of time

Now is my return
With my almighty legion
We will take revenge for all those years
Of lies and shame
To spread our wrath
And with Usurper's blood
My throne'll be restored
Track Name: Denial
Locked up here in this unholy cage
I have been learning all the Christian lies
In my abbey across the sea
Sodomy and rape
Were all that I could find

I saw a shaman in my deepest dreams
Showing me the secrets to fulfill my will
The promise... the habits
Soon I will burn
The flame of life lights me
The apostasy has come

In the midnight the moon will set me free
In the moonlight the sacred plants will
Come to me!!! Denial!!!

I'll spread my wings over this sacred land
This ancient knowledge is wiser than the Christian one
I saw surrounding eyes
Revealing the prophecy
I heard the voices calling my name

Time and space collide
Now I can see the light!!!

Now I have the strength to deny my god
The mother nature embrace my soul
No more veils in front of my eyes
The truth of life will be my guide
Track Name: The Hunting
No-one can stop our furious spirit
Blasting off your minds!!!
Prepare to bleed in
Nature warriors is not
A forgotten legend
Now is the time to start the hunting

Weapons of disease powered my chaos
Sugamuxi breed with golden armours
Shining like the sun!!!
Like burning churches
Running through the hills
Like jaguars hunting!!!

Blessed by the power of the ancient spirits
Fight we'll restore the temple of sun
Pay your treachery
Burn in your own hell
By the everlasting fire of life!!! Die!!!

Pray for your god
Please!!! Make us laugh
Cry for no response whole we cut your guts

Prefer immolate to free your guilty
We'll show no mercy
For the surrender ones
Liberate this land!!! The warriors mission
Successfully fulfilled
We'll be our hunting
Track Name: Wisdom
Night dressed in mist
The stars shine in tears
The light of the twilight of gods

Nature inspires my words and beliefs
It's the reborn of the wisdom storm

Grateful shining of my darkness
Live and die to live once more
Angels falling demons crying
Crushed by my furious words


Horror and tremor
The soil boiling point
Get higher and higher until exploit
Language of nature is guiding my voice
My black heart is shining like a flame of the sun

Track Name: Manifest
The end of bleeding lies has come
Five centuries waiting to erase the scorn
The mother nature is calling us
A new dimension has taken his course

It's time to destroy your temples
Time to destroy your bones
Time of the ancient rising
Time of the renewal hopes

On the horizon
Splendor's voices are guiding the path
The dark secrets
Are waiting for the chosen ones
Shining forever
Black hearts that never stop to exploit
Warriors of nature
Howling the chants of evolution

Fear us
We are your sadness
Purest creations of your pain
The black figures in your darkest nightmares
Sinners!!! You'll never see the sun again
We are blessed by the thunder
Blessed by the flames of the sun
Blessed by the winds
Blessed by the night... dark and cold

Cosmic chaos! We hear your call!...

Prepare the burial of your gods
Prepare the burial of your souls
Your gods n' souls that we'll crush
To evoke the really nature's throne
Track Name: Guarani Oporonhenói Gueteri
Guarani, heñóiva yvytyrusu ha para pa'ũme.
Guarani ohecha iporãva guive, ava kuéra.
Guarani oho ágotyo, Guarani oho pégotyo,
ha oñopytyvõ oñorairõvo umi ohekáva sãreko ndive.

Guarani oporohenói gueteri
Track Name: Oñembyesaráiva
Chéve guãrã reho táva revy'a'ỹhápe,
nderesaráivo opamba'e reroviáva.

Mba'e ojehejareívaicha akóinte reiko,
mba'e ojepota'ỹvaicha akóinte reime.

Reipykúiva reína oñembyesaráiva rape.
Track Name: Hosãva
Ipy'aguasúva sapukái oñehendu.
Ñemano ningo ñane mba'erepy,
tekojoja mba'erepy.

ñamopu'ãvo Guarani rakape.

Nde rapichakuéra ipya'aguasúva oñorairõ.
Track Name: Kuarahy Osemba Rire
Péva che mba'eñomi. Ndahasýi ñaikumby.
Péva ha'e upe che añomíva:

Pe mba'embyasy ñandejukáva niko ha'e pe mba'embyasy oikóva poharã.

Ndajakyhyjéi ñemanógui.
Ñaĩ vove, ñemano ndaipóri, ha ñemano oĩ vove, ñande nañaiméi.

Ani rejepy'apy,
ejapónte ne rembiapo,
ndaipóri ambue mba'e rejapovarã,
kuarahy osẽmba rire

Ñorairõhára hesarai'ỹva,
ñande ndajakyhyjéi ñemanógui.